Greenhaus’s Creative Director, AV Paul Holtzhausen has nearly 15 years of experience in Creative Advertising. After only five years in the industry, Holtzhausen helped launch Vibe Creative, a full service Motion Picture Advertising Agency.

As Co-Owner and Executive Creative Director, he helped produce hundreds of marketing pieces for some of Hollywood’s biggest films including: Ant-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 1&2, Ted 1&2, Spider-Man 3, 21&22 Jump Street, Django Unchained, The Purge Franchise, Maleficent, Ghost Rider 1&2, Casino Royale, The Karate Kid and Salt, only to name a few.

In January 2016, Holtzhausen left Vibe, the company he helped build for seven years, to explore other career opportunities in the film industry.

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