Greenhaus GFX: Trailer Campaign Graphics

Editorial: Trailer Park & mOcean
Creative Director: Jason Doherty
Executive Producer: Lester Chin

Executive Creative Director: Helen Greene
Designers:Devin Ballard, Kyle Brosius, Justin Hamilton, Amanda Koh, Matt Redding, Kyle Thorsen, Justin Timmons, Alex Warner, James Lee



Marvel approached us in the Spring of 2013 with the task of creating a logo for their upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy.  It being a relatively obscure title in Marvel’s extensive catalogue, we knew we had to create a logo that not only fit with the current branding of the Cinematic Universe, but also set The Guardians apart from Marvel’s previous films.  We began with the basics, creating logos and letterforms that were just the right mix of science fiction and superhero.  Once a logo was decided on, a 3D animated version and full alphabet font were created for the film’s announcement at Comic-Con 2013.  Shortly after the Comic-Con announcement we began refining the logo and animation, creating the 3D stereoscopic version, and also creating the logo in multiple languages, for the official trailer launch introducing The Guardians to the world.  Marvel was so happy that they requested that we deliver our files for use in the feature film.  It was an honor to be part of something so special, and to help brand what has become one of the most beloved superhero films of our time.