Client: Logo, Title Sequence & Show Package
Client: E! Networks
Executive Creative Director: Helen Greene
Creative Director: Jason Doherty
Executive Producer: Lester Chin
Art Director: Kyle Brosius

VFX Supervisor: James Jooyoung Lee
On-set VFX Supervisor: Efram Potelle
Designers/Animators: Amanda Koh, Ana Losseda, Josh Wintringham, Justin Timmons, Micah Fitzgerald, Raphael LaMotta, RiJing Yang, Steve Gagne
Editor: Devin Ballard



The Comment Section proved to be an amazing opportunity for us to combine motion design and VFX to create an energetic title sequence, logo, and graphics package for the show.  The show producers approached us with the idea of show host, Michael Kosta, interacting with a wall of comments in the void that is the world wide web.  With a tight deadline quickly approaching, we arranged a live shoot at E! studios, followed by two weeks of compositing and 3D dynamic simulations.  By far the most challenging aspect of the project was creating the dynamic simulation of the comments interacting with Michael.  Saying that the 3D scene was heavy would be an understatement.  When all was said and done, we provided the show with a title sequence, multiple animated logos, lower thirds, and mortises.