Greenhaus GFX: Trailer Campaign Graphics

Client:Disney Studios
Editorial: Disney Studios
Executive Creative Director: Helen Greene
Executive Producer: Lester Chin
Creative Director: Jason Doherty

Art Director: Kyle Brosius

3D/VFX Supervisor:James JooJung Lee
Finishing Supervisor: Alex Warner
Designers/Animators: Tyler Tometich, Steve Gagne, Amanda Koh, Matt Redding, Justin Timmons
Editor: Josh Dunn



Being fans of the original animated classic, we were thrilled to be asked to create an animated logo for Disney’s new live action version of The Jungle Book. Creating the tropical rainforest jungle proved to be the most challenging, yet fun part of the project.  Our goal was to create a title and jungle that captured the mystery and suspense of the film.  We also knew that sooner than later the title would be presented in stereoscopic 3D, therefore using images and matte paintings were not an option.  Using the 3D software packages Maya and Xfrog, we began creating the jungle literally from the ground up. Each plant and tree were placed and rearranged multiple times until the jungle felt vast and expansive.  When all was said and done, the massive 3D scene contained over 24 million polygon faces.  Rendering was handle by Vray, and compositing was done primarily in Nuke where the smallest details including atmospheric particles and hand animated bugs, were given great attention.  From concept to finished stereoscopic 3D delivery, over a dozen Greenhaus artists were involved with the project.