Opening Weekend Worldwide Gross: $304,000,000



Greenhaus GFX: End Title Sequence

Client:Legendary & Universal Pictures
Executive Creative Director: Helen Greene
Executive Producer: Lester Chin
Creative Director: Jason Doherty
Art Director:Kyle Brosius


Designers/Animators: Amanda Koh, Steve Gagne, Justin Timmons, Matthew Redding, John Schratz, Jonathan Cannon, Andrew Tan, Kevin Lim, Ben Lopez
Stereo Finishing Supervisor: Stevan Del George
Stereo Finishing: Isa Alsup & Dennis Serras

Concept/Design Phase
Creative Director: Jason Doherty
Art Director: Kyle Brosius
Designers: James Lee, Alex Warner, Devin Ballard, Jeremy Wabiszczewicz, Byron Slaybough, Justin Harder


Working closely with director Duncan Jones and producer Stuart Fenegan, Greenhaus was honored to put together the Main On End Title Sequence for Warcraft. The film is not only for the video game fanatics, but for all fantasy lovers. The entire movie is a visual masterpiece and we are happy to have been part of it.